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Flexo printing Punching Machine

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Flexo printing & Punching Machine


Printing & Punching(die cut blank) machine can print and die cut paper cup blank inline automatically. It is high Flexo printer with water base ink upto 6 color both print single PE and double PE paper.
We add Doctor blade chamber system, Anylux ceramic roller, Corona treatment, EPC and heater dry system so that printing quality is much better


  • Paper cup print and die cut inline
  • Automatic & high speed roll die cut blank
  • Simple & easy to operate machine
  • Compact & less space


  • Printing type : Flexo 4 color
  • Blank mold size : 150ml
  • Max. width : 980mm
  • Max. reel diameter : 1,600mm
  • Max. roll weight : 1300kg
  • Paper thickness : 170gsm~350gsm
  • Paper : Single side coated paper
  • Control system : AC Servo (Mistbish-Made in Japan), Invert unit
  • “Eye” mark or photo mark control
  • Die cutting tolerance : plus/minus 0.2mm
  • Roll lifting air shaft : 3 inch, 6 inch or else
  • Automatic Oil press (Hydraulic) unit for lifting up roll paper
  • Compressed air : No need air compressor
  • Capacity : Max. 280 strokes per minute / 6.5oz case
  • Electrical : 440v, 3P, 50Hz
  • Electrical requirements : Approx. 13kw/Hr
  • Dimensions: 3,700mm x 1,500mm x 2,200mm
  • Weight : Approx. 3000Kg


 Model No.


 Printing Type

Flexo 6 Color, Doctor blade chamber system 

 Max. Web Width

980mm, 1150mm 

 Printing Speed

Max. 100 Meter 

 Punching Speed

Max. 300 Strokes/Min 

 Printing Paper

1PE&2PE Coated Paper (170~500g/m2) 

 Ink Use

Water base Flexo Ink 

 Enhanced System

Ceramic Roller, Ink Pumping, Corona Treatment 

 Control System

EPC/Tension/AC Servo/Photo Mark Sensor 

 Electrical Requirement

Approx. 10~25Kw 

 Compressed Air



6000 x 2000 x 3000 



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Flexo printing - Punching Machine

Flexo printing - Punching Machine